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Doors and windows are installed, repaired, and upgraded.

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Sustainable work

Our contribution to sustainability.

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Our Unique Selling Proposition?

We are a modern and young company that offers you competence and friendliness, as well as efficiency and transparency so that you can enjoy the best possible service experience for your needs. Through targeted advice regarding your object's needs, we prepare a customised offer that aims at saving resources and costs, in order to carry out sustainable and long-lasting work.

Our Mission

We repair, replace, maintain, enhance and upgrade your window and door products. We determine specifically what you want and explain which solution makes the most sense. We guarantee a competent, discreet, and qualitative execution in private and working areas.


Our vision

All-round satisfied customers and object-oriented service. We put customer satisfaction first, thanks to competent service and advice. We want to make it easy for you. We want you to feel comfortable at home and at work.

Our way of working

  • Competent advice and support in the interests of our customers.
  • Close and trusted customer contact.
  • Fast response times.
  • Qualitative, discreet, and efficient on-site work execution.
  • Manufacturer-independent: Choice of the best products regardless of manufacturers.
  • Objective price-performance analyses focused on your advantage.

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Why is it worth investing in windows and doors?

The reasons why it is worth investing in windows and doors are many and varied: saving money by saving energy (and the environment says thank you too), noise protection, increased security and much more!


Cost savings through energy savings (win-win)

In the cold seasons, we recommend that you carry out a thermography. This will specifically determine where energy loss occurs and based on this, instead of increasing the heating, we can purposefully reduce your energy costs in the long term.  You are welcome to reach out to us personally, contact us here

Cost (and frustration) savings through a targeted renovation concept

As a property owner, you are probably wondering at what point a renovation is necessary and what you should renovate first. First, you need a renovation concept. Especially if the budget is not sufficient to renovate everything at once. We can help you and advise you openly as to when it is worthwhile replacing windows and doors, or, instead, upgrading. Let us advise you without obligation: contact us.

Improving well-being at home or at work through noise protection

Even when it comes to external intrusive noise of all kinds, we can help you to have a better quality of life. Noise causes stress, leads to poor sleep and restlessness, and, as a result, it can seriously affect your mental health. For example, we can upgrade your windows with new mechanics and glasses, resulting in better noise protection.

Increased security against burglary

Are you worried about the security of your house or flat? Most burglaries happen during the day on the ground or first floor. Neighbours sometimes even assume that it's tradesmen. But don't worry, there are simple measures to protect your privacy: With our special glasses combined with security technology, we can help. We can't completely prevent burglaries, but we can make them more difficult, and we'll be happy to advise you on this matter.