Sustainability and Engagement

We understand how important it is to work sustainably. The shift in mindset can only happen if we take the right path together. That's why we are always looking for ways to combine efficiency and sustainability. We can do a lot about this and here we would like to show you briefly how we are contributing.



When you book an appointment with us, the first thing we do is try to find out what your problem is. It is not always necessary to use the service van: our service technician is well equipped with it, but it is very heavy (like any service van) and anything but environmentally friendly. The more information we get from you, the more we know what to expect and can, therefore, use our e-vehicle to carry out small service jobs, consultations or take measurements for a quotation.

Route optimisation

We optimise our working routes to keep them as short as possible. This is also good for your finances


Especially in this industry, recycling is a continuous issue: there are many possibilities and yet there is often a lack of time and patience to cleanly separate and recycle the materials. We are very keen to invest time for separation and disposal - and for our environment. We work sustainably in the best conscience through efficient and clear processes when recycling.

1% of profits donated

we donate 1% of our annual profits to a non-profit organisation. We change the organisation every year and, totally cool, you can have your say through a survey! In 2023, Fix Service will donate to Schweizer Berghilfe. By supporting sustainable and innovative projects, Schweizer Berghilfe aims to improve the quality of life of the mountain population and to preserve the mountain regions as diverse living and economic areas.

Saving energy and reducing new products

Our activity alone contributes to sustainability, because by upgrading and refurbishing your windows and doors, you can save a lot of energy in a year. For example, we recommend that you first do something about the insulation of your house before you have your heating system replaced. The cost-benefit ratio is considerable! What is the point of having a new heating system that heats more efficiently outdoors? Also, we always try to upgrade or refurbish your existing windows with the right concept. Possibly we can do this in a very qualitative, cost-effective, and sustainable way without using resources twice with a new product (because the old one must be disposed of and the new one has to be produced).


We strive for paperless communication. We offer quotations, invoices, and communication quickly and conveniently: digitally. We charge a small extra for each written correspondence, which we also donate to the selected organisation.