The independence from other manufacturers makes us very flexible and allows us to offer our customers more options. Because your window does not differ greatly from one to another, there will always be a solution to replace parts or repair the window.

Our decision, your advantage!

Our decision for manufacturer independence offers you as a customer many new possibilities. You don't have to search for a nearby carpenter or a window manufacturer who prefers their own products. We can provide you with the right part for almost any window. If the part is no longer available, we have the option to have it custom-made or to upgrade your window to a new system.

Our decision to maximise your advantages!

We are proud to present ourselves as a manufacturer-independent window expert. This conscious decision opens up a multitude of new possibilities for you as a customer and offers a unique quality of service that goes far beyond what you can expect from conventional suppliers.

Independence that benefits you

When it comes to windows, variety is key. Thanks to our independence from manufacturers, you no longer have to go through the hassle of searching for a suitable carpenter in your area or settle for a window manufacturer that only prefers its own products. Instead, we offer you an almost endless selection of windows and window components from a wide range of manufacturers. This way, we make sure that you find exactly what fits your individual requirements.

Tailor-made solutions for every window

Sometimes the part you need is no longer available. But that is no obstacle for us. With our partners, we can have the part you need made especially for you. This way, your window stays in top shape and shines in new splendour.

Upgrade for the future

Is your window already getting on in years? No problem! We also offer the option of upgrading your window to a new, efficient system. This not only increases the energy efficiency of your home, but also allows you to benefit from the latest technological developments.

Expert advice to help you get ahead

Our experienced team is always on hand to offer advice and support. Whether it's choosing the right window, planning a renovation or optimising your window systems, we're here to make sure you get the best possible solution.

Quality that convinces

We focus on first-class quality. Our products and services are designed to meet the highest standards. This is how we guarantee that you will enjoy your windows for a long time.

Former window manufacturers

  • Biesser Fenster AG, Zürich
  • BL Fenster AG, Veltheim
  • Bruder Fenster Technik GmbH
  • Diener Fensterfabrik AG, Schwerzenbach
  • Dörig Fenster Service AG
  • Fenster Center Zürichsee, Samstagern
  • Fenster Kienberger AG, Zürich
  • Fenster Mülli AG, Schöfflisdorf
  • Fenster Sörensen AG, Bubikon
  • Fenster Theil AG, Winterthur
  • Fensterbau Wernli AG, Rothrist
  • Fensterfabrik Hekler AG, Zürich
  • Fensterwerkstatt AAMÜLI AG, Wädenswil
  • FFN Fensterfabrik Niederwil
  • Herzog Fenster AG
  • HMK Fenster-Technik AG
  • HRM Fenster u. Türen GmbH
  • HOBAG Fenster und Türen GmbH, Schindellegi
  • Isofen AG, Schindellegi
  • KFT Fenster AG
  • König Fenster AG, Spreitenbach
  • Lang Fenster AG
  • Megert Fenster und Holzbau AG
  • Meier Fensterbau AG, Pfäffikon
  • Müller Fenster, Schwanden
  • Peter Klaus, Leibstadt
  • Piatti Fenster AG, Zürich
  • Raimondi AG Fenster
  • René Schweizer AG
  • Ruchti Aerni AG
  • swisswindows AG
  • Zech Fenstertechnik GmbH, Dornbirn
  • Zech Kunststofffenster GmbH, Götzis

If your manufacturer is not listed here, contact us here