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When life gives you broken windows… we’ll fix them all! Outstanding quality, reliable service. Durability, safety, and comfort for your space. Everything at the best value for the money!

Our way of working

  • Competent advice and support in the interests of our customers.
  • Close and trusted customer contact.
  • Fast response times.
  • Qualitative, discreet, and efficient on-site work execution.
  • Manufacturer-independent: Choosing the best products regardless of manufacturers.


  • Repairs of all wood, metal, and plastic windows.
  • Replacement of silicone joints (e.g., wall connections, glazing, maintenance, and expansion joints).
  • Replacement of rubber seals (e.g., glazing, wing, and frame seals).

Maintenance of your windows and doors

  • Leak restoration: existing seals are checked, upgraded, or replaced.
  • Adjusting the hardware mechanism and checking the contact pressure: Depending on the condition of the seal, control of the tightness is checked.
  • Flushing of the mechanics to clean them from mechanical abrasion (metal shavings) and to oil them anew.
  • Visual inspection of damaged safety-relevant parts.
  • Visual inspection of wear of the silicone joints on the outside and inside.

Upgrading and enhancement

  • Sun protection: foiling of existing glass, replacement with coated glass, or installation of pleats.
  • Soundproofing: Replacement with special soundproof glass, upgrading of the closing point mechanism on the window sash, seal supplementation or replacement of existing seals.
  • Burglar protection: Conversion or replacement by safety closing points on the window sash, or replacement by safety glass.
  • New paint for the window during repairs.
  • Special glazing (wide range of glazing, sun and privacy protection, mirror glazing, dimmable glass, etc.).
  • New sealing levels (only possible on wooden windows, as a new groove must be cut, and this is not yet possible on plastic windows).
  • Installation of pleats or glass films, which serve as light and privacy protection.
  • Motorization (automation) of existing window sashes.

New Products

  • New windows and doors made of plastic, wood-wood, wood-aluminium. We offer fair advice and will openly tell you when a repair is no longer worthwhile.
  • Insect protection of all kinds, made in Switzerland.
  • Interior pleats (privacy and light protection).
  • Cat and dog doors.
  • Swiss-made roller shutters made in Switzerland.


  • Energy consulting.
  • Client advice.
  • Consultation on the operation of your products (e.g., complex lift and slide systems).

Easy first contact

No matter what question you have or how big or small your desired project is. We will be happy to take a look at the situation and advise you without obligation during an initial meeting.


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