Upgrading and enhancement for windows and doors

Enjoy sun protection, sound insulation and burglary protection through our high-quality services. New paints, special glazing and motorised windows offer additional comfort. Respect the bird breeding season with our bird protection service (March to July). Your windows and doors deserve the best upgrade!

What does it get you

Invest in upgrading your windows and doors and benefit from numerous advantages:

Comfort and well-being: Sun, sound and burglary protection ensure a pleasant and safe living environment in your home.

Energy efficiency: With our high-quality services, you reduce energy losses and lower your heating and air conditioning costs in the long term.

Aesthetics: A new coat of paint and special glazing give your windows a fresh look and enhance your interior.

Convenient operation: Motorised window sashes offer modern comfort and make opening and closing your windows child's play.

Security: Our anti-burglary measures protect your home from unwanted intruders and give you a reassuring feeling of security.

Respect for nature: Our bird protection measures during the breeding season show our responsibility for the environment and wildlife.

Invest in upgrading your windows and doors now to realise the full potential of your home. Contact us for a consultation and a no-obligation quote, and let's improve your home ambience together!

Upgrade options

Our upgrade and enhancement services will give your windows and doors a new shine and provide extra comfort and protection for your home. Here are some of the special services we offer:

  • Solar shading: enjoy pleasant light conditions and protect yourself from blinding sunlight. We offer the foiling of existing window or door glass, the replacement with coated glass or the installation of stylish pleated blinds.
  • Sound insulation: Peace and relaxation are essential for your home. By replacing them with special sound-insulating glass, upgrading the closing point mechanism on the window sash, adding seals or replacing existing frame seals, we create a soothing sound environment.
  • Burglary protection: Security has the highest priority. We upgrade your windows and doors with security locking points or security glass to protect you from unwanted intruders.
  • New coat of paint: During repairs, we give your windows a new coat of paint that makes them shine again.
  • Special glazing: We offer a wide range of window glazing options, including solar control, privacy, mirror glazing, dimmable window glass and more.
  • New sealing levels: For timber windows, we allow you to upgrade with new sealing levels by cutting a new groove to ensure the best protection against draughts and damp.
  • Pleated blinds and glass film: For additional light and privacy protection, we install pleated blinds or glass film on your windows or doors.
  • Motorisation (automation): Bring modern convenience to your home by motorising existing window sashes to conveniently open and close at the touch of a button.
  • Bird protection: We offer various options for retrofitting bird protection to your slat blind or roller shutter.

Please note that we cannot carry out any work related to bird protection on existing slat blinds between March and the end of July in order to respect the birds' breeding season.

Our professional team is ready to enhance your windows and doors with our high quality upgrade and enhancement services. Contact us for a personal consultation and no obligation quote. We look forward to making your home even more comfortable and secure!